AMAL, the Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers was established in 1984.

AMAL members have always held and maintained the goal of empowerment through knowledge. AMAL has held many events in aid of educating and empowering the public in terms of the accounting, commercial and legal domains and continues to strive towards this goal by hosting continuous education seminars, conferences, etc (details of these events can be enquired at the AMAL offices). 

AMAL, as an organization, added a new dimension to Islamic activity in South Africa in that it brought to the fore Islamic economic and legal thought and practice, and highlighted the need for the development of this in South Africa as well as the implementation of this in daily practices. In their early years, AMAL had hosted the first ever Islamic Economics Conference in South Africa. This conference provided the profile of AMAL with a tremendous lift in its embryonic stage. The conference served as a platform to highlight some initiatives in South Africa in regard to the Islamic Economics sphere, with Professor Khurshid Ahmed as the key note speaker. Additionally, this conference had created possibilities for Islamic Banking and Finance within our country by creating a sense of consciousness towards Islamic sensitive ethics in terms of Banking and Finance.

The history of AMAL is dated to the apartheid times in South African History. Senior members of AMAL recall, on many occasions during the apartheid era, when the members of AMAL were requested to provide some sense of assistance against the onslaught of security police against fellow Muslim organizations. AMAL members had willingly assisted in these struggles. It has been a pleasure for AMAL to take a stand point against the apartheid government in those trying times.

As a Muslim based non-profit organization, AMAL is dedicated to communal welfare, whereby our organization is almost always willing to assist any issue which will benefit the community. This stems from the deepest international principles of brotherhood and humanity.

AMAL has and always will strive towards empowerment through knowledge, because through knowledge lies wisdom.


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